Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wildlife Direct: Blogs from the Wild

Let me introduce you to Wildlife Direct, a conglomeration of blogs by dedicated people working to protect Africa's endangered animals and habitat.

Top of the list for me is Paulin Ngobobo's Gorilla Protection blog, where he talks about the challenges of protecting the endangered mountain gorillas who are now on the edge of extinction. He currently has some more pictures of Ndeze, the baby gorilla born last month. He says...
Mother and baby are doing well, and are being protected by the Silverback Rugendo. The mother, Safari (which means Travel in Swahili), is closely guarded by Rugendo so we were very lucky to be able to take these photos and cause no disturbance whatsoever.
More great news on the horizon… the adult female Mburanumwe of the same family is also pregnant and due to give birth soon!
Well done Paulin. I'll be following your blog very closely in the coming months and will be linking to you permanently very shortly.

Paulin has teamed up with Rob Muir of the Frankfurt Zoological Society whose own blog, Congo Rangers also shares stories of a unit of exceptional Congolese rangers operating in the eastern park of Congo.

The site also links to a number of videos on You Tube such as this one of a baby Mountain Gorilla playing in the trees.

Finally, the Ol Pejeta blog is "securing the future for Kenya’s rhinos" and is well worth a look. They've recently been performing a translocation of endangered Black Rhinos to the Ol Pejeta area.
All three animals were free released without any problem bringing Ol Pejeta’s total black rhino number to 76, the single largest black rhino population in Kenya. We will bring in a further 3 females at a later date, and move one female from Sweetwaters Game Reserve to Ol Jogi in the next few days.

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