Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kakapo Parrots: The Hidden Valleys of Fiordland

Here's a nice article about hiking through Fiordland in New Zealand - Hidden Valleys of Fiordland at
To one side lay the Stillwater River and to the other the Rugged Burn and straight ahead the waters of George Sound and the Tasman Sea. The valley sides are vertical and Morgan, the other member of our group, stepped forward onto a rock, looked beneath where there was 600 vertical metres of clear air. "Bungee jumping in Fiordland," he said.

This was paradise, the spot you dream of making when you're stuck in the bottom of a valley in the rain. The miserable conditions of Campbell Creek were now forgotten. We brewed a cup of tea, gazed over the views, noticed some Kakapo tracks around a tarn and then realised that at some stage we will have to head down to Henry Saddle and on to George Sound. That should be easy, we thought.

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