Monday, March 19, 2007

Northern White Rhinos: Pulling an endangered species from the brink

The BBC has a very good article on the work of Thomas Hildebrandt and his team, from the Berlin Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research, who are working tirelessly to prevent the Northern White Rhino from going extinct. The article is highlighted on the BBC's Science and Nature pages because the story will feature prominently in tomorrow night's Horizon special on BBC Two. "Horizon: The Elephant's Guide to Sex" airs on Tuesday, 20 March 2007, at 2100 GMT.
Only one northern white rhino baby born has been born in the last six years. Now the Berlin team are working with six captive animals, at the Dvur Kralove Safari Park, 110km (68 miles) north-east of Prague, in the Czech Republic.
Later this year the team will start to harvest eggs from the northern white rhino in the Czech republic, and if all goes well, create baby northern whites. With so few northern white rhinos remaining they hope to use southern white rhinos as surrogate mothers.

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