Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Name Lulu's Baby!

The Hungarian News Agency has a brief snippet announcing that Budapest City Zoo is going to be polling the general public to decide upon a name for Lulu the White Rhino's baby.
Starting from Thursday, people can visit to vote for one among several appropriately African names.
The zoo's 26-year-old square-lipped white rhinoceros Lulu gave birth to a healthy female calf weighing 58 kilogrammes in late January.
You have 5 choices and they are...
Layla "born at night" Swahili (Tanzania-Kenya)
Lina "tender" Hausa (Nigeria-Niger)
Liwaza "consolation" Swahili (Tanzania-Kenya)
Liziuzayani "young" Yao (Malawi)
Lyabo "returned" Yoruba (Nigeria)

There's another picture at the BudapestSun website.

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