Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Honda F1: Jenson Button's 'Earth Car' will feature Another Chance To See pixel!

Following last month's post about the Honda F1 'Earth Car' initiative, I made the pledge to replace at least three regular lightbulbs in my house to the more energy efficient kind. To make my donation I visited Honda F1's 'Earth Car' site at www.myearthdream.com.

The Formula 1 cars will roll out onto the Melbourne racetrack in just a few days time, and Honda F1 have replaced advertising and sponsor logos on their cars with a giant picture of the Earth to raise awareness for environmental issues. What's clever is that the livery on the Hondas will be comprised of millions of tiny "pixels" that, when viewed under magnification, will contain the names or organizations who pledged and donated to the MyEarthDream Trust - and now that includes a "www.anotherchancetosee.com" pixel.

Later in the F1 season, when all the available "pixels" have been filled, our own pixel will be appearing right in front of Jenson Button's nose... The links to the larger version on the website seem a little flaky, but you can search for "anotherchancetosee" in the FirstName column of their search page.

If you'd like to get in on the action, visit www.myearthdream.com to make a pledge towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and a monetary donation of your choice. Your money will go into the MyEarthDream Trust from where it will be distributed between environmental charities and initiatives all over the world.

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