Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mountain Gorillas: Dian Fossey Field News

March's edition of the Dian Fossey Field News is now online. Sadly it includes news of the death of Umurava, a silverback from Pablo's Group.
At the end of February, Umurava, one of the subordinate silverbacks of Pablo’s group died, after a series of adventures. Pablo’s group is an enormous group of mountain gorillas that our staff at the Karisoke Research Center track and monitor.
Recently he had left and re-entered his natal group several times. After his latest separation, however, he was eventually found weakened and near death. Despite emergency efforts to save him, this fascinating silverback died and we now mourn his loss.
And Emmy Award winning CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper has posted a couple of video reports on the threats of gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the despicable trade of baby gorilla trafficking.

And finally...
September 24, 2007 marks the 40th anniversary since the legendary Dr. Dian Fossey set up her groundbreaking work with mountain gorillas in Africa. Escorted by John Fowler who worked with Dian Fossey at the Karisoke Research Center, you will learn more about Dian Fossey first hand, experience the mountain gorillas up close, and celebrate our 40th at Karisoke with field staff.
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