Friday, March 09, 2007

Mountain Gorillas: Quick links

Here's a few Mountain Gorilla features that wafted my way recently...

The Amateur Traveler Podcast, Episode 80, in which The Amateur Traveler talks to Chris Willis about traveling to Uganda and Rwanda to see the very endangered mountain gorillas. Chris also talks about the countries, their people and an unforgettable stay in a chimpanzee sanctuary.

ClickPress with a story entitled "Inking Endangered Animals" about award winning tattoo artist Lisa Fasulo.
Lisa is drawing a mountain gorilla, but not on paper. Her canvas is human skin.

Tattoos By Lisa tattoo studio, in upstate New York, has launched a fundraising campaign aimed at saving the earth's endangered animals from extinction. One tattoo at a time.

A nice 4 page article at the Christian Science Monitor - Web charity helps save Congo's gorillas with more coverage of the endangered animals blog collection. We first mentioned WildLifeDirect last week.
Donations made on the Wildlife Direct website pay the salaries of the park rangers who protect the endangered apes.

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