Friday, March 09, 2007

Elephants: A jumbo tusk for scientists

British tabloid newspaper "The Sun sure goes to town on this one, with an over-the-top graphic description of the process of acquiring semen from endangered animals for IVF work. Our good friend Dr. Hildenbrandt gets good coverage for his work with the elephants, and he'll be demonstrating the delicate process on BBC2's "Horizon: The Elephant’s Guide To Sex", to be aired on March 20th 2007.
He said: “One guy I know got a black eye from being hit by an elephant’s penis.

“When you touch an elephant there it starts to flick backwards and forwards and it’s so strong it can knock you off your feet. It’s such a strong movement.”
The programme will also look at the problem of getting semen from a sedated rare northern white rhino and viewers will meet killer whale Shamu who is only too happy to provide sperm samples in the name of science when his trainer shows him a special collection bag.

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