Friday, March 02, 2007

Mountain Gorillas: Baby born last month is one of many sites covering the news that a baby Mountain Gorilla was born in Congo on Februry 17th. Hurray!
The tiny gorilla, named Ndeze, was born Feb. 17 in Congo's Virunga National Park, home to some of the world's last 700 mountain gorillas, said Samantha Newport of the conservation support group WildlifeDirect

"It's incredibly positive. These gorillas have managed to survive a 10-year civil war," Newport told The Associated Press by telephone from the park. It is "an absolute miracle and testament to the work of the rangers, who worked throughout the war without receiving a salary, and to conservationists from all over the world."
Richard Leakey, the conservationist credited with helping end the slaughter of elephants in Kenya during the 1980s, is also quoted in the article. He will be hosting the Fifth Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture on March 15th.
"The Mountain Gorillas have been under enormous pressure for many years, and a newborn is always a positive step toward protecting these animals," Leakey said. "We should not forget that this is the product of enormous effort and sacrifice on the part of African rangers, many of whom have paid the price of this success with their lives."

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