Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hippos: Zoom in REALLY close with Google Maps

Philipp Lenssen at GoogleBlogoscoped has in interesting post today that discusses a neat little URL hack on Google Maps. It allows you to zoom in REALLY close and see some of the images that we're used to seeing in Google Earth under the special layers like the National Geographic layer, as well as the recent Australia Day flyover.

However, navigating these images in Google Earth is much easier, especially with the "3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator" which we reviewed back in January.

But for now, here's some Hippos taking a bath...

As I said, for more endangered animals up close, you can either view them in Google Earth (previous post details) or by loading a KML into Google Maps. Thanks to Brian S in Philipp's comments for this neat trick.
If you go to the following KML mapped onto google maps and choose one of the locations, then change the zoom in the URL according to Philipp you can see the high quality images. ...
**UPDATE** I've just posted another super-zoom image, this time of Flamingos in flight.


pierro marie said...

my name is pierro and my english is all others than good, anyway i will start a try to ask someone. i find your blog in the comment area on :

awesome google_map zoom. but:
im not realy understand that. how must look the input for the searching parameter.
for exemple berlin, germany .
maybee you have tip for me ?

Gareth said...

Hi Pierro.

Fairly easy, but I don't think there is any suitable images in Berlin. These National Geographic photos and Australian flyover photos are somewhat unique at this point.

But the technique is easy.

1. Go to the Maps page as described above.

2. Zoom in as close as you can get to one of the photographs

3. Press the "Link to this page" link to get a Permalink for the current view e.g. African market

4. In the address bar, change the Z parameter from z=19 to z=22 or z=23 e.g. African market zoomed

Anonymous said...


for Germany the value goes to 21 most of the time (for the bigger cities like Berlin, Bonn, etc)

see HERE for a closer view ...

the &z=21 value is typacially set to 19 at highest (normal) zoom...
(in address-bar)