Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MOUNTAIN GORILLAS - Richard Bangs Adventures

Here is an excellent 5-part article (with videos) on a recent Expedition To Rwanda by Richard Bangs, accompanied by actress Daryl Hannah. With 20% of the world's population lacking access to safe drinking water, it is proving to be the most vital commodity a country has, more important that food, oil or money. The destruction of Mountain Gorilla habitat is partly the result of the country's thirst for new water supplies...
Day 1 - Can Clean Water Save Rwanda?
It seems paradoxical that 350 mountain gorillas living on a range of fertile volcanoes in Central Africa could be in jeopardy over water issues.

Day 2 - Silverback Mountain
After an orientation in a tin hut in the midst of a rainstorm, we begin our trek up Muhavura volcano in search of the gorillas.

Day 3 - Daryl Hannah Turns It On

A ribbon stretches across the entrance to the cistern, and Daryl Hannah is presented with a pair of scissors to do the honors.

Day 4 - Celebration at the Gitaraga Cistern
"And the gorillas themselves are too shrewd to talk...they have a very healthy wariness about people in general and government people in particular."

Day 5 - Guardians of the Gorillas
Here in Rwanda a culture shift is underway, and for the moment the gorilla population is safe, and growing.