Saturday, April 22, 2006

DOCTOR WHO - TARDIS to land in New Zealand?

Here's an article on the like electronic wizardry being employed to held save New Zealand's endangered animals like the Kiwi and Kakapo Parrot.
An awful lot of Kiwi ingenuity goes on in garden sheds. Usually that ingenuity is limited to the No 8 fencing wire, highway-going rotary hoe-building variety.

But what goes on in Havelock North electronics whizz Daryl Olsen's shed is, well ... for the birds.

Like 's time-travelling , the unassuming wooden structure opens up to reveal a futuristic plethora of winking, whirring, bleeping gadgetry.

It's from here that Daryl's company KiwiTrack is producing state-of-the-art technology to help the Department of Conservation restock New Zealand's forests with native birds like the endangered kakapo, saddleback and North Island brown kiwi.