Saturday, April 08, 2006

KAKAPO PARROTS - Welcome To Wikipedia visitors!

Please visit The Kakapo Recovery ProgrammeI'd just like to welcome Wikipedia readers, where the Kakapo Parrot is today's Featured Article (04/08/2006). Many thanks for dropping by.

This site is a tribute to the author Douglas Adams who wrote about the Kakapo Parrot in his celebrated book Last Chance To See. The chapter in the book about the Kakapo is "Heartbeats in the Night" and Douglas Adams famously wrote that the Kakapo "flies like a brick". "Not only has it forgotten how to fly, it has forgotten that it has forgotten how to fly".

is a hugely entertaining book in which Douglas Adams visited many highly endangered animals including Mountain Gorilla, Northern White Rhino, blind Yangtze Dolphins as well as the wonderful Kakapo Parrot. A very entertaining read!

Thanks again for visiting!