Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DOUGLAS ADAMS - Last Chance To See... Liverpool Pubs?!?

Couple of bloggers making reference to Douglas Adams and Last Chance To See this week.

Here's pseudotsuga99 comparing the call of the Kakapo Parrot to his Pink Floyd collection (as Douglas Adams suggested).
"I've heard a tape of collected kakapo noises, and its almost impossible to believe that it all just comes from one bird, or indeed any kind of animal. Pink Floyd out-takes perhaps, but not a parrot."

Well, I've listened to everything Pink Floyd has ever recorded, and this seems to fit. Interesting eh?
And here's AG_McGee at Number 667 bemoaning the endangered British pub. It's being ousted by Starbucks and the like in and he's not a happy man. He's decided to go on his own Last Chance To See adventure...
So in the style of Douglas Adams's "Last Chance To See", it's time to take a tour around these quality drinking establishments. I've been trying to compile a list of in Liverpool City Centre and it's my intention to visit all of these fine drinking holes (and some not so fine). I will of course discount anywhere that advertises itself as a bar; these places are ashamed of their pub status in the metrosexual Noughties and so must be shunned. Other than that, if it's a pub in the centre it has to be visited.
That's a long list of pubs! Knowing how fond of pubs Douglas Adams was, I think this is a project he would have approved of. I wish you luck. Let us know how you get on.