Friday, April 28, 2006

KAKAPO PARROTS - Comparison: Only 35 Fairy Terns left

New Zealand's Scoop with news of coastal development that threatens their few critically fairy terns.
New Zealand fairy terns may be the most critically endangered bird in New Zealand, and perhaps even the world’s rarest tern, new DNA evidence suggests.

Research by Auckland University that suggests New Zealand fairy terns have unique DNA characteristics heightens concerns that a proposed subdivision of up to 2000 houses near Mangawhai Heads poses a serious threat to the terns’survival.
With just 35 birds left, the New Zealand fairy terns are New Zealand’s most critically endangered bird – with less than half the numbers of the iconic kakapo (of which there are 86).
If Mark Carwardine were to ever write a sequel to "Last Chance to See", perhaps the fairy tern would be one of the potential endangered animals he could visit. Personally, I think he should go with Stephen Fry. Stephen's "Rescuing the Spectacled Bear" reminded me of "Last Chance to See" in lots of ways.

If it ever happened, what other animals do you think a sequel should contain?

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