Thursday, April 13, 2006

ANOTHER CHANCE TO SEE - Calendar & Podcast

I'm pleased to announce a number of new ways to enjoy Another Chance To See. As the previous post mentioned, I have just added a new ICal formatted Calendar Of Events, created with Google Calendar. Copy the URL from this ICal chicklet Add Event Schedule to Calendar (eg Google Calendar) into your Google Calendar "Other Calendars" section to keep up-to-date on all Last Chance To See related events!

Among the new feed chicklets available at the top of this site, you will find a link to an automated Talkr of this site. Link to Podcast (RSS feed) for this blog
You can paste this URL into your favourite podcasting software, or just listen to the posts individually direct from the "Listen to this post" links.

And if you hadn't noticed, I recently added a pseudo-Categories option in the right side-bar which should help you find posts about the animal you're most interested in. Just "Click to expand" the list...

NOTE: If anyone requires a GMail invite to get started with Google Calendar, just shoot me an email or drop a comment on this post. I have plenty of invitations available.