Saturday, July 08, 2006


The Yorkshire Post has a profile of Biologist and conservationist Ian Redmond. The 52-year-old has just been awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for his services to conservation.
Ian Redmond has helped safeguard the future of mountain gorillas in Africa – and even taught Sigourney Weaver how to grunt like an ape.
Redmond who, while working for the great ape expert Dian Fossey, introduced Sir David Attenborough to the mountain gorillas of Rwanda for his famous Life on Earth programme.
Read the full, fascinating interview at The Yorkshire Post.

You can view the David Attenborough and Mountain Gorilla clip at the BBC's great Attenborough Archive.

If you have a Region 2 or Region Free enabled DVD player, I can heartily recommend this DVD set of "Attenborough Specials", which includes the "Life On Air" documentary as narrated by ex-Monty Python and traveller Michael Palin. This is the programme that the above Mountain Gorilla clip was taken from.

I use this CyberHome CH-DVD 300S Progressive-Scan DVD Player in the USA to view Region 2 DVDs from Britain. Easy code to make it Region Free, very cheap, and works like a charm.

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