Sunday, July 16, 2006

KAKAPO PARROTS - Kakapo Encounter with the Ulva Island Trust

Kakapo EncounterI received news of a very interesting Kakapo Encounter event being organized by the Kakapo Recovery Programme on Stewart Island and the Ulva Island Trust.

Sirocco the Kakapo will be on view for visitors to Ulva Island from 13 August to 23 October 2006, cost NZ$80 adult, NZ$40 child.
The Ulva Island Trust is thrilled to be able to offer a unique opportunity to view one of the world's rarest birds. Between late August and the end of September this year (06) we will be hosting 'Sirocco', (a hand-reared male not involved in the breeding programme), on the rat-free sanctuary of Ulva Island, situated in Patersons Inlet, Rakiura/Stewart Island. We will be taking bookings for this event on a 'first come, first served' basis.
If anyone makes it to this, we'd be very interested in pictures of course, but the website does stress NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!

The Kakapo Encounter webpage has been updated with more details of this exciting event.


Mosher said...

I should be able to make that as I'm due back in NZ by late September. I have mailed them to ask for details, though their web page hasn't been updated as yet.

Of course, I'll drop you pictures and if you're interested I'm also hoping/planning to make it to Indonesia to take some snaps of the Komodo Dragon.

I have alreasy seen a Kakapo, but this one was stuffed! It's in the Auckland Museum - somewhere definitely worth visiting.

Gareth said...

That would be great Mosher, on both counts. The Kakapo Encounter website has been updated now, and they do say no Flash photography, but maybe a non-flash picture can be improved with Picasa or something similar.

Mosher said...

Yeah, I noticed that and it's understandable. I'll try my best and have already heard back from them regarding making a booking. I'll definitely be in NZ and wanted to head south around then anyway, so it's fitting in perfectly.