Tuesday, July 04, 2006

DODOS - Was extinction actually a natural event?

Interesting follow up to the recent "significant" discovery of a good set of Dodo bones. The scientists that unearthed the mass grave on Mauritius say they have found evidence that could show that the Dodos could have been wiped out by a natural disaster, long before humans arrived on the island.
Most theories about how the dodo became extinct blame early settlers who found the plump flightless bird on the Indian Ocean island in the 16th century and hunted it relentlessly.

"There are indications that the fossil-rich layer represents the result of natural disaster wiping out a significant part of the Dodo-ecotope," a statement by the researchers said.

While the latest find does not disprove the human theory, the scientists are convinced there was a mass dodo death, possibly caused by a cyclone or flood, pre-dating the arrival of humans, Christian Foo Kune, owner of the site, told Reuters.
Full story at The Australian.

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