Wednesday, July 26, 2006

KAKAPO PARROTS - DOC under fire for felling old Rimu tree

New Zealand's STUFF reports that the Department of Conservation is taking a bit of heat over its decision to fell a 300-year-old Rimu tree, to make way for a hut to house Kakapo researchers. Rimu fruits are Kakapos favourite foodstuff of course, and are essential to get them breeding.
The tree was cut down on Anchor Island in Dusky Sound, part of Fiordland National Park.
Department spokesman Martin Rodd said the rimu was in poor condition. "An assessment of the tree found it to be rotting in places and it was considered to be a safety hazard."

It was also on the best site for a hut that was needed to house staff taking care of 30 recently released kakapo.

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