Sunday, July 16, 2006

MOUNTAIN GORILLAS - 2050, the Last Gorilla?

The Independent Online has an article today reporting on a new warning from Matthew Woods of the UN-run Great Apes Survival Project.
The gorilla is threatened with extinction by the mid-21st century if poaching and destruction of its habitat continue at the current rate, the United Nations has warned.

Within a decade, three of the four sub-species of the great ape could be wiped out, it says. "Many populations are faced with imminent extinction," said Woods.

[The Mountain Gorilla is] susceptible to a number of threats, from uncontrolled hunting and war to disease, destruction of forest habitat and capture for the illegal pet trade. Considered critically endangered.

How many left: A little over 700.
Read on for full story.

And here's the link to GRASP, The Great Apes Survival Project.

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