Saturday, March 19, 2005

TRAVEL - Taking in the Ocean Deep Of Mauritius

Here's a travelogue from Mauritius from The Star Online.
If you want to dive into the sea but don’t want to get wet, here's how: head for Mauritius, the only place in the Indian Ocean where you can get an underwater cruise on board a submarine, as RENA GOEP discovers.
The Mauritians made sure we saw as much as possible of their island, taking us from the south to the east and north, onto the central plateau, then west and finally back to the south.

The itinerary included a boat ride with Pierre De Boucherville Baissac, PR & Ecotourism manager, to Ile Aux Aigrettes, a 26ha islet off the southeast coast.

Declared a nature reserve in 1965, the islet is now home to the pink pigeon and other rare birds, endemic plants that can't be found anywhere else in the world and the coastal ebony forest, the natural habitat of the now extinct Dodo bird.