Monday, March 21, 2005

KAKAPOS - Three chicks and counting

Wonderful news from New Zealand's Scoop. Three Kakapo Parrot chicks hatched over the weekend, bringing the total number of Kakapos back up to 86, the number we had before 3 died of an bacterial infection in 2004.
The number of critically endangered kakapo in the world has increased by three, Conservation Minister Chris Carter announced today.

"I have been informed this morning by the National Kakapo Recovery Team on Whenua Hou (Codfish Island) that three kakapo chicks hatched during the weekend," Mr Carter said.
"We are poised on the brink of the largest kakapo population in 25 years because at least four more chicks are expected from the 25 eggs laid this breeding season.
Do keep an eye on The Kakapo Recovery Programme's 2005 Nesting Calendar which has a permanent link on the Sticky Posts section (see right).