Sunday, March 27, 2005

JUAN FERNANDEZ FUR SEALS - The Biodiversity of Juan Fernandez Archipelago

A new article published at Planeta Vivo Society discusses the hidden treasures of the Juan Fernandez archipelago.
Oceanic islands are remote oasis for unique, marine and terrestrial life. A tiny spot of land in the vast immensity of the sea, hold slow and fragile ancestral creatures.
very valuable real treasures of the islands have been found, exploited and some of them extinguished or nearly vanished during the last two centuries.

One of the first animals to suffer this "bad luck" was Juan Fernandez fur seal, a gentle marine mammal that, together with the majority of related extant species of seals, are all now truly survivors of the skin and oil market of the past centuries.
Their previous Juan Fernandez Fur Seal Revisited page is also a nice read.