Friday, March 25, 2005

KAKAPOS - Easter eggs for world's largest parrot

More on this season's successful Kakapo breedings at Birdlife International, and it could all be because of assistance with their diet. The Kakapo Recovery team has been supplementing the Kakapo's diet with walnuts and pine conelets, and it seems to have had a very positive effect.
Good Kakapo breeding years (the last occurred in 2002) coincide with heavy crops of the native rimu fruit. 2005 hasn't been a particularly good rimu year, but supplementary feeding of walnuts and pine conelets has been carried out by the Kakapo Recovery Team.

"We are, as yet, uncertain what sparked breeding this year, but if in fact it was the green supplementary foods, then this will represent an important break-through," commented DOC Kakapo conservationist Don Merton.