Thursday, March 03, 2005

KAKAPO PARROTS - MP3 Douglas Adams lecture

Courtesy of a link found on the Douglas Adams Continuum, here's an 15-20 minute MP3 file (or RealMedia), part of Douglas Adams' Last Chance To See themed lecture. The file is hosted on Steffen's Fun Stuff page.

Jan has kindly added some information to this in the comments, which helped me link to the Fun Stuff page. Thanks Jan.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gareth,
you can find Steffens page with the link to kakapo.mp3 at funstuff.htm

The recording is from a talk he gave in Göttingen, Germany on March 14th 1994 which was recorded and distributed on CD by Zweitausendeins ( It's not available at the moment.

Best wishes,