Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Honda F1: 'Earth Car' replaces sponsor logos

There's lots of coverage across the web of the Honda Formula 1 team's decision to drop their traditional livery for the upcoming 2007 season. Instead, they will replace advertising and sponsor logos on the cars with a giant picture of the Earth to raise awareness for environmental issues.

What's rather neat is that the image will be comprised of millions of tiny "pixels" that, when viewed under magnification, could contain YOUR name.

All you need to do is visit, make a pledge towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and a monetary donation of your choice. Your money will go into the myearthdream Trust from where it will be distributed between environmental charities and initiatives all over the world.

After reading more about CFL lightbulbs at, I decided to commit to changing as many of my lights as possible to the more energy efficient kind. Of course I registered my "pixel" under I'll see how it comes out when the livery is launched on March 12th, ahead of the first Grand Prix of 2007 in Melbourne, Australia.

For more coverage on HondaF1's "Earth Car", see, ITV-F1, Speed Channel amongst many.
"Formula One and the environment may not seem exactly bedfellows," team boss Nick Fry told reporters at the unveiling of the new 'Earth Car' at London's Natural History Museum. "There will always be that last few percent of cynics but we found very strong support right across the world to do something in this direction.

"The global reach, the number of people we can talk to, is immense, so we can change minds," he said. "We are going in a more environmentally friendly direction with the systems we put on the car and Formula One is really a laboratory for road car technology."
While there's no disputing that the Formula 1 circus is hardly environmentally friendly, any program that raises environmental awareness across the world with such a huge audience has to be applauded.

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