Monday, February 19, 2007

The Noises of Nature - Bernie Krause

Interesting article about Bernie Krause in the New York Times. He has been on a "40-year quest to record the Earth’s rapidly disappearing 'biophony' — a term he coined to describe that portion of the soundscape contributed by nonhuman creatures."
If you saw Bernie Krause, a sotto voce man with heavy, nearsighted eyes, seated amid the baffling array of high-tech sound-engineering gear in his Glen Ellen, Calif., studio, you might never guess that he was once flung down a Rwandan mountainside by a mountain gorilla. Or that he forced himself to sit coolly still in the stultifying blackness of an Amazon jungle night while a prowling jaguar mouthed a microphone he had set up only 30 feet down the trail.
Much of Bernie's work is available on CD. has many samples to enjoy.

Thanks to the Jesse Evans at for popping up in the comments to tell us about their site and work with Bernie Krause. They have an extensive store of CDs, books and more, and also have streaming radio and a podcast too.


The folks at 30proof said...

Thank you guys! We appreciate your support of the natural world and our efforts to record and protect it. Please visit our website to hear about all of our current efforts!
Jesse Evans
Wild Sanctuary

The folks at 30proof said...

Thanks, Mark!