Monday, February 26, 2007

Endangered animals: Free Ringtones has an article on a new initiative from the Center for Biological Diversity. In a similar way to some other organizations they are offering free ringtones of the calls of endangered animals around the world, in an effort to highlight the plight of these creatures.

Their site features the calls of Blue-throated Macaw, Beluga Whale, Boreal Owl, Mountain Yellow-legged Frog, Yosemite Toad, California Spotted Owl, and many more endangered species besides.
Amid the cacophony of cell phone ringtones these days, add these: the clickety-click-click of a rare Central American poison arrow dart frog, the howl of a Mexican gray wolf and the bellows of an Arctic beluga whale.

An environmental group is hoping that the more people hear these sounds from threatened animals, the more they’ll wonder where they came from — and question the fate of the animals and birds that make them.

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