Saturday, February 24, 2007

Northern White Rhinos: Vets operate on ovaries of San Diego rhinos has news that vets have been busy working on two Northern White Rhinos at San Diego Zoo. The article says they were harvesting "ovaries", but I imagine what they were really doing was harvesting EGGS. That would make more sense to me. This is a very sensible move, and comes on the back of Lulu's successful IVF pregnancy in Budapest. Lulu has been treated again, and we should find out soon if she's pregnant once more.
A team of veterinarians performed laproscopic surgery on two female white rhinoceros at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park Thursday.
The aim of the surgeries was to harvest ovaries (sic) from two Northern white rhinos. There are fewer than 20 Northern white rhinoceros remaining in the world, and 15,000 Southern white rhinoceros.

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