Friday, February 23, 2007

Northern White Rhinos: Lulu's baby is doing well

The International Herald Tribune reports that Lulu's baby is doing well, and currently weighs in at 176 pounds. After a first attempt failure, Lulu successfully carried an IVF baby to term, and it was born in January.
The unnamed female, who weight 58 kilograms (128 pounds) when she was born Jan. 24, drinks about two liters (.45 gallons) of milk a day, and "seems to love to play tag with the caretakers," the zoo said.
Lulu underwent insemination again on Tuesday — only a month after giving birth — as fertility levels are highest in female rhinos right after they have delivered calves, the zoo said.

Veterinarians for Lulu's second insemination used the sperm of Simba, a male rhino from the zoo in Colchester, Britain. Results on whether Lulu was pregnant would be known within 80 days.

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