Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MOUNTAIN GORILLAS - Uganda Guarantees Gorilla Sightings or Permit Fees Refunded

Here's a press release on a new policy from the Ugandan Wildlife Authority that gurantees Mountain Gorilla tourists a view of these endangered animals, or their money back... Hmm...Uganda Guarantees Gorilla Sightings or Permit Fees Refunded
The Uganda Wildlife Authority has established a guarantee governing permits for tracking its precious mountain gorilla population -- see them or it's free.

In announcing the new policy, the UWA said that if trackers fail to encounter the habituated gorilla family, each individual fee of US$360 will be refunded, or a permit for another day will be issued.

'Although non-sightings rarely occur, UWA wanted to provide an extra incentive to prospective visitors to further encourage their interaction with the world's most endangered ape,' noted James Bahinguza, Director of Tourism Uganda. 'These magnificent primates are only found in forests of Southwest Uganda, Northwestern Rwanda and Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and number about 700, of which approximately 350 are in Uganda,' he added.