Thursday, May 04, 2006

KAKAPO PARROTS - Blog round-up

Milan Ilnyckyj mentions Kakapo Parrots on his blog a sibilant intake of breath.
One thing I had never noticed before: the Natural History Museum has a stuffed kakapo, of all animals. Those who don't know what I am talking about are strongly encouraged to read Douglas Adams' excellent book Last Chance to See.
Anyone got a picture of this stuffed specimen?

And David Pattemore of New Zealand has "finally done a post on Kakapo", including pictures of him and young Kakapo Te Kingi.
He also gave me a permant scar on my right hand (which I treasure) when he decided my hand was a good thing to grasp hold of. I may or may not have helped ensure a scar would remain by rubbing various irritants in...
Jay is particularly jealous...
While there’s a certain lack of integrity here, I can’t really blame him. Deep down I have to admit, I would have done exactly the same thing. And even worse, I’d tell everyone and anyone who would listen.


Anonymous said...

I will take a photo of the Kakapo at the Natural History Museum the next time I go by there.

Anonymous said...

A more contemporary link for the post you mention would point here:

I am in the midst of a complex migration to WordPress.

On a seperate note, it's always great to find Douglas Adams fans. Towel Day is coming up, you know.

Gareth said...

Thank you Milan. That picture would be nice to see.

Anonymous said...

After another trip to the museum, I have a photo of a Kakapo linked as part of this post.

Gareth said...

Thanks for the picture Milan. Very nice.