Wednesday, May 31, 2006

DOUGLAS ADAMS - Apple vs Apple: Trade mark turf wars

The BBC with a recent commentary on the Trademark Turf wars between Apple Computers and The Beatles' Apple Records. Humourous speculation that Douglas Adams loyalty would have been torn.
Brands which shared the same names used to rub along happily enough together, but, as the Apple v Apple case shows, technology is pushing companies into trade mark turf wars.

Forty years ago, John Lennon infamously told a journalist from the Evening Standard that The Beatles were "more popular than Jesus" (not, as history has recorded, "bigger than").
One of the Apple Macintosh's most enthusiastic fans, who famously never saw The Beatles live, had three of the group's songs, and John Lennon's Imagine, played at his funeral in 2001.

I wonder what Douglas Adams would have had to say about all this? Something much more amusing than I can manage, for certain.