Friday, May 19, 2006

BBC - Planet Earth Under Threat

A new BBC blog about conservation has recently started, in preparation for a BBC Radio 4 series to be broadcast in the autumn. "Planet Earth Under Threat" is definately worth keeping an eye on, and the radio series is likely to be very informative.
Planet Earth Under Threat (PEuT) is a landmark Radio 4 series to be broadcast in the Autumn of 2006, presented by Gabrielle Walker.

PEuT is a cage rattling title - So what’s the series all about?

First and foremost, it’s a series about conservation – but within that it’s about the triumph of life. Global warming is going to be an overarching theme, but we want to get global warming out of its tired box and really let you know what it is, where its impacts are, and how life is responding.
The blog contains entries from Julian Hector, Editor BBC Natural History Unit Radio, and Howard Stableford, the ex "Tomorrow's World" presenter who now lives and works in Colorado.