Wednesday, May 31, 2006

HENNING PAULY - Last Chance To See : The Song

While surfing around on the Towel Day message board, I came across this entry from musician Henning Pauly. He heard about Towel Day (back on May 25th) and bought a towel especially to take part. Nice one!

As Henning revealed in his message, it turns out he'd written a Douglas Adams/Last Chance To See tribute song called "Last Chance To See" for the 2004 album Chain.exe by Chain. The album is described as somewhere between progressive rock and progressive metal, and I think the "Last Chance To See" song is marvellous.

Henning has kindly allowed me to link to the MP3 audio of "Last Chance To See", which features some very familiar bars from "Journey of the Sorcerer", the Hitchhiker's Guide theme. I ask that you respect his copyright note that this music should be downloaded purely for your own enjoyment.

Here's a paragraph from Henning's website about the song and the album.
Victoria Trevithick gave her beautiful voice for "Last Chance to See" where she sings together with Matt and Mike Keneally. Many reviews for the first Chain album classified the band as somewhere between progressive rock and progressive metal, but this should not happen with EXE which is definitely far in the prog-metal territory.
The rest of the "Chain.exe" tracks can be downloaded from his site, or for those who prefer nice shiny CDs and DVDs, the album can be purchased direct from his label's website at ProgRock Records.

In addition, Henning also told me about another song inspired by DNA.
On "Unweeaving the Rainbow", an album dedicated to the writings of Richard Dawkins, I have a song called "Above the Grass" which is all about a different way to perceive the world around you and challenge your assumptions which is what Adams always tried to do...
I was quite delighted to discover Henning's work today. Something of a surprise to find a special "Last Chance To See" song after nearly two years working on this site.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Please remember when downloading tracks from Henning's website that they are posted there with permission from the artists, that they own the copyrights and that therefore this music should not be used for anything other than your enjoyment.

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