Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Thanks to Dave for alerting me to a couple of appearances from Mark Carwardine in the coming weeks...

Sunday 28 May, 8pm

Test the Nation: Know Your Planet - 1, 8pm
This year's Test the Nation theme is Planet Earth and Anne Robinson and Phillip Schofield host the show to test the nation's knowledge of the environment, natural history and geography. The general public, 300 studio contestants and 8 celebrities take the test, and there are two experts who expand on the issues raised, one of which is Mark Carwardine.

Saturday 3 June

Festival of Nature - Bristol
Mark gives a free talk about his travel adventures (10-11am) and runs two wildlife photography workshops (12-1pm; 1.30-2.30pm) which are GBP8 per person.
Thanks for the information Dave.