Thursday, April 28, 2005

NEWS - Extinct bird found alive

Remember my April 1st Dodo post? Well, truth is often stranger than fiction, because here's an equally astonishing story, and this one isn't made up for a lark! BBC News is reporting on the re-discovery of the ivory-billed woodpecker in North America. The bird was declared extinct in 1920.
The news has stunned ornithologists worldwide, with some comparing the discovery to finding the dodo.

Researchers began an intense year-long search after a tip-off before finally capturing the bird on video.

The find has ignited hope that other "extinct" birds may be clinging on to survival in isolated places.

"This find is so significant that it is really difficult to describe," Alistair Gammell, of the UK's Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), told BBC News. "We sadly won't rediscover the dodo, but it is almost on that level."
The Endangered Species Coalition is also very excited by this news.

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Anonymous said...

Hello all! Representing the birdwatching DNA lovers contingent, I thought you might like to see the video that has started all the fuss:

I could go on for hours, so I'll just say that I am very very very happy INDEED about this.

I must also commend TNC and the CLO for their shrewd handling of the increasingly reliable evidence over the past few years. The last time the birds were documented in 1935, the loggers moved in and razed the place just to get it out of the way before anyone could protect it. Arthur had no chance to lie down in the mud in front of the Singer Tract, and if the birds tried it, well, it didn't work.

This time around the evidence was kept relatively quiet until protection for the area was in place and functioning.

Good day and smiles to you all, tread lightly wherever you go!

- Lara