Wednesday, April 20, 2005

KAKAPO PARROTS - Four Chicks Take Flight

Kakapo news from New Zealand's STUFF once again, this time about the four Kakapo chicks' flight to Nelson, where they will be hand reared.
It's not just humans moving to Nelson to take advantage of the sunny climate and central location.

Four kakapo chicks from Codfish Island arrived in Nelson on Monday to be hand-raised at a rented house in the city.

Kakapo technical officer Daryl Eason, of Nelson, said the birds were whisked from the southern island by helicopter and caught a domestic flight to Nelson via Christchurch.
The birds are one to four weeks old and are named Dit, Dot, Jem and Zoe. They are fed bird formula every four hours, and like human babies spend a lot of time dozing. They are kept in darkened boxes in a room kept at a constant temperature.
Do check out the 2005 Kakapo Nesting Calendar, last updated only yesterday, now with a summary at the bottom of the page.