Friday, April 22, 2005

KOMODO DRAGONS - Here there be dragons

Always nice to come across Travelers' Tales you've not read before. Here's one (about 5 years old), on by Leanne Wells that's a nice read. I'd love to try the Scuba diving here too. I only ever did it once (on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland), and it was a wonderful experience.

Here's a snippet from Leanne's story...
I went to Indonesia for the spectacular Scuba diving and unexpectedly found as much wild beauty on the forested shoulders of the islands as I did among the colorful folds of their coral skirts. There are, after all, dragons on Komodo Island!

Our plans were to sail systematically down the chain of islands from Bali to Alor, diving at each likely spot along the way. Since Komodo lay right in our path, and is a favored dive location in its own right, it seemed logical to pay our respects to the island's famous inhabitants. Komodo Island, along with its immediate neighbors, is an Indonesian national park and known as one of the world's greatest wildlife regions. Like the Galapagos of Ecuador, Komodo is visited expressly for the purpose of seeing the wildlife that exists only there.