Monday, April 25, 2005

KAKAPO PARROTS - New flag for New Zealand?

An amusing article in The New Zealand Herald today. Willy Trolove makes the case for replacing New Zealand's national flag, and he has some very unusual ideas...
We need a new flag. Our old flag is, well, old. It's boring. We've seen it before, several times. Worst of all, it has historical significance, and these days historical significance just isn't on.
Our flag could depict our outdoor activities. It could show jet boats and white water rafts. It could feature a bungy jumper, trussed and bound, leaping off a bridge. Or a cricket umpire, trussed and bound, being thrown over Huka Falls.
Or it could emphasise our wildlife. It could show a horny kakapo fruitlessly searching for a mate. Or a possum inspecting the road surface at close proximity.
I shudder to think, but it would certainly improve the visibility of the Kakapo's plight around the world wouldn't it?

Feel free to draft up an example of Willy's horny kakapo flag, email it to me, and I'll post it on the site.