Monday, April 18, 2005

AYE-AYE LEMURS - A Visit To Nosy Mangabe

A good article here at, about a couple of visits by Rhett Butler to Nosy Mangabe to try and find the Aye-Aye lemur. Seeking the world's strangest primate on a tropical island paradise. The article has lots of nice pictures of the island.
In late October 2004, I traveled to Nosy Mangabe, which is one of the best places to see wild aye-aye today. The island, forested with tropical rainforest and having a rich history involving 17th century pirates, lies close enough to the town of Maroantsetra for a day trip, though an night-time stay is crucial if you hope to see the aye-aye. There are no lodging facilities on the island for visitors (a small research station is available for visiting scientists), but there are several covered platforms where you can pitch tents as well as restrooms and showers.