Friday, April 15, 2005

AYE-AYE LEMURS - Baby Kintana at Bristol Zoo

BBC NEWS is among many sites reporting the first public appearance of Kintana, the baby aye-aye lemur born at Bristol Zoo in February 2005. The page also includes a link to a video report, with Kintana being fed by his keeper.
Kintana is also only the second aye-aye to be hand-reared in the world.

The zoo is hailing his birth as a key development in the long-term survival of aye-ayes, which are classified an endangered species.
And for more reports, here's The Guardian, The Scotsman
and a "Gollum" look-alike story at Childrens BBC Newsround.

Picture number 6 on the BBC's "In Pictures" feature has a great shot of the baby!

And for those in the Seattle area, on Saturday, April 16 2005 (9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) there's a celebration of the lemurs of Madagascar with activities, information and special goodies in their "Leaping Lemur Day", Cougar Mountain Zoo, 19525 S.E. 54th St. Issaquah, WA 98207.