Friday, April 04, 2008

Funnel Web Fright

The colourful scientist Dr Struan Sutherland got a mention in this frightening article about 50-year-old Catherine Brill who was bitten by a funnel web spider in her back garden. After a frantic rush to the hospital her life was saved by the anti-venom created by Dr Sutherland all those years ago.
Inside Catherine’s wrist a blizzard of toxins had started ripping at her nervous system. Her heart pumped faster, and the moisture and feeling seeped from her face.

Catherine had been bitten by a funnel web.

“It was the worst pain I’ve ever had. I’d rather have kids than face that again,” she said. “It felt like I’d been set on fire. It’s like someone’s stabbed you with a hot knife, and it just slowly crept up my arm as the venom spread.

“My tongue went numb in my mouth and a tingling went up and down my arm.”
Remember Struan's advice to Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine... "Don't get bitten in the first place!"

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