Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gorilla Round Up

Here's a few Mountain Gorilla related links that have wafted through my inbox recently...

King Kong Lives On
How tourism helps the majestic mountain gorillas of Rwanda and the people who share their habitat
By Julie Davidson

The ultimate patriarch, he eases himself up from buttocks which have flattened their own forest glade and looks at me thoughtfully. On all fours he is the size of a small car. His hands are as big as bolsters, with fingers like black puddings and long, oddly elegant nails. He prods the infant playing between his feet, gives an instructive grunt, and together they join the family. The youngster's mother is nearby, but if she is lost to disease or poachers her child will be raised and protected - defended to the death, if necessary - by his colossal father: King Kong, the man-beast, greatest of the great apes, the beleaguered primate whose identity has evolved over the past century from homicidal monster to gentle giant.

Mobile game to help save embattled gorillas
For mobile users a new mobile game hopes to raise awareness of the plight of the mountain gorilla and funds for their conservation. Silverback takes gamers through eight levels, following the life-span of a gorilla from childhood to adult.
Mountain Gorilla Rally Called Off
CACMS Chairman Surinder Thatthi informed all registered drivers for this year's African Rally Championship that Rwanda Gorilla rally was cancelled out of this year's championship due to lack of available sponsorship.
And for the Western Lowland Gorilla... Ebola Virus Threatens Gorilla With Extinction
If the usual threats of poaching and habitat loss weren't enough, gorillas face the added danger of a deadly disease that has been surging through their ranks.

The highly-infectious Ebola virus has decimated huge swaths of the already diminished western lowland gorilla population.

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