Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two more Kakapo chicks! We're at 92 Kakapos!

Two more Kakapo chicks have successfully hatched, to add to the previous five, and the newly renovated Kakapo Recovery Programme website has the exciting news. However, the site also revealed the very sad news that they recently discovered the body of Bill, who had appeared in good health. So we now stand at 92 Kakapos in the world, and the 7 chicks are being relocated to Nelson Island for further hand rearing. This Wikipedia article has the full list of names.
Today we are saying goodbye (temporarily) to the seven youngest kakapo in the world. The chicks are being relocated to Nelson where they will be hand-raised until they are ready for wild release.

Daryl is looking forward to going home to his family after being on the island looking after the chicks for over a month; taking the chicks with him means they will get the best possible care without him being away from home for so long. Though we’re sad they’re leaving it's exciting that they are one step closer to becoming big green budgies…yippeeeee!
Here's a video of some hand-feeding in progress...

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