Monday, April 21, 2008

Thomas B Hildebrandt clarifies Northern White Rhino cloning story

Dr Thomas B Hildebrandt has added a clarification to the recent story about the Northern White Rhino cloning process, and his words appear here on the Scotsman website.
Further to your report on the bid to save rare animal species (17 April), I would like to add that this groundbreaking research concept allows the inclusion of infertile, captive northern white rhinos in a breeding programme and even permits frozen cell samples from dead individuals to be used.

I'd like to emphasise that due to the high-tech approach the only animals that will be involved are the remaining captive northern white rhinos in two zoos and not individuals living in the wild. The final goal is to create a stabile captive northern white rhino population.

The major advantage of the procedure is that only skin samples of the northern white rhinos are required. These will be joined with embryos of their southern counterpart to produce pure sperm and eggs derived from the northern white rhino.

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