Monday, March 31, 2008

Five Kakapos Hatched! We're up to 91, and 2 more due...

Check out the press release around the web which reports that five of the recently laid eggs have hatched out successfully, with hopefully two more to come. It'd probably be a good time for Stephen Fry to be heading down that way for a bit of filming on the Last Chance To See TV series.
A species of flightless parrot edged back from extinction with the hatching of five new chicks in New Zealand in recent weeks and two more on the way, officials said Monday.

The latest births of owl-like kakapos in southern New Zealand brought the population of the rare bird to just 91, said Emma Neill, a senior official of a Department of Conservation program to save the parrot.

Neill said even a small lift in numbers was "awesome," especially because the birds only breed every few years.

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