Friday, July 06, 2007

COOL!! Jenson Button's F1 car now displaying our website URL

You may recall that back in February I made the pledge to replace at least three regular lightbulbs in my house to the more energy efficient kind (which I have now done). To make my donation I visited Honda F1's 'Earth Car' site at

It's taken Honda a while, but since last week's French Grand Prix at Magny Cours, all the names are on the cars, and perhaps we can take partial credit for Jenson scoring his first point of the season(?).

Most amazing of all, (and MANY thanks to eagle-eyed viewer Garry Mills for this) we can now actually SEE the evidence in close-up! This screenshot was snagged by Garry while it displayed last week's French GP Qualifying session results. Click on the image to get a much closer look, where I've actually hyperlinked some of the other visible URLs. Gotta love the HenCam!

This is where the Another Chance To See entry is actually located...

Good luck to Jenson Button and the HondaF1 team in this weekend's British Grand Prix, and also to McLaren's Lewis Hamilton up at the sharp-end! He's doing an amazing job right now, and I'm sure Silverstone will be sold-out this weekend as a result.

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