Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stephen Fry: Doctor Who Magazine #384

Issue #384 of Doctor Who Magazine features a brief note in the Quickies section of "Beyond the TARDIS" regarding the current activities of Stephen Fry. This gives us renewed optimism that the Last Chance To See TV series is still forging ahead, despite the implosion of TV company Iostar.
Stephen Fry is working on six-part series Last Chance To See based on the Douglas Adams/Mark Carwardine book.
I know he's also working on series 2 of "Kingdom", has written a version of Cinderella for the stage, rumoured to be writing the screenplay of Peter Jackson's remake of "The Dambusters", making a documentary about HIV, employing an assistant to help with his online social networking, and would like to make some new Jeeves and Woosters with Hugh Laurie. A busy boy indeed!

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